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Near Lake Durant. New York State

October 26, 2019

Boondocking Near Lake Durant. NY State. 30th Sept.


We had three objectives on this trip: take in the fall colours in the New England area, Spend time with Adam visiting different areas up there. And selling the bakkie.

Unfortunately for Adam he was a week or so too early to experience the colours although they were starting to turn. But we enjoyed travelling with him despite the close company we had to keep in the cab of the van.

But after he flew back we decided to once more head up into Vermont and in particular Green Mountain. It’s higher and we weren’t disappointed to the autumn display all around us. I think Joan would have taken many hundreds of photos so perhaps you should baulk if she invites you around to see her slides. It was spectacular. Every turn on the road brought more amazing sites. How were we to know then that the best was still to come. It’s a busy time in that area with all the bus loads bringing hordes of geriatrics to ‘Oooh and Awww”

Yesterday we headed south back into Massachusetts then into New York State where we once more turned north into the Adirondacks and immediately we knew we were in something special. The trees here are more advanced and the range of colours is exceptional. It was just a continuous mass of reds, rusts, golds and yellow interspersed with the evergreen conifers. We are camped tonight on the edge of Lake Durant, on the old cobbled road where once more Joan has been at it with the camera.

The weather is cooler but still very bearable what with a good fire and warm clothes. In all the places we’ve stopped it there has been a good supply of dead branches to supplement the wood we buy. This is going to be our last long trip in the bakkie and I feel this drive through the fall colours is the perfect finale for us. I am tired.

The other objective for this trip was to sell the bakkie or dispose of it somehow. An advertisement on Craig’s List has brought quite a few responses and I am sure would have sold with the first person to look it over but he was concerned it didn’t have the emissions control certificate and wouldn’t be able to register with out it. But today I have another couple of enquiries so will see how that turns out.

In the mean time I emailed Dan who we spoke to on the last trip. He was the bloke who spelt it out to us we would have no trouble selling it and after giving him more details says he will sell it for us in a week or two. I hope he comes good, he seems to know how to get around the emissions problem. But I hope he doesn’t want us to drive to Boise in Idaho where he lives, some 4000kms.


United States is so very much a car-centred society. Just amazing and I hope Australia never gets the same way. Early on after leaving Omaha we stayed at a state park site at Rocky Creek. There were a middle-aged couple opposite us in a tent not far from the lake. The toilet block was some 100 metres max from us. I saw her get in the car and I said to Joan that I’d bet she’s driving up to the loo. Joan said she thought she was going further afield after her visit. But sure enough, back in the car and back to the campsite. We have seen that type of thing happen so many times. Pavements are rare in many suburbs. Obesity is a problem.


We like our morning coffee. And often prefer our own to some of the muck they serve up as espresso. Not always but often the case we go away kicking ourselves for going into the place. But while Adam was with us and we were travelling long distances we found Dunkin’ Donuts make a very passable latte and cappuccino as well as my more mundane Americano.


Fair Haven State Park. Shores of Lake Ontario. 2nd Oct


There was an article in the papers over a week or two back saying that bird numbers in North America have collapsed by over 25% since 1970. Reminds me of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” Then it was DDT and what it was doing to the shells of the native birds. Now it seems to be lack of habitat and pesticides. They did something about it last time after her book became a best seller but unfortunately with mad men in charge of this country they are going the other way and relaxing regulations so farmers can use more pesticides and national parks are being ravaged by oil and coal men. This is a mad bloody country.

We have noticed the lack of bird sound on this trip many times even if in deep forest. But the other day at Lake Durant it was a joy to hear and see a good range of smaller types. Then during the night the mournful sound of a pair of loons.


Fair Haven SP is right on the shores of Lake Ontario. And our site is on a bluff metres from the drop off. It was hot yesterday. Then it blew a gale during the night with showery rain and today the weather has turned cold. The wind feels like its come from Alaska by way of the lake

We’ve just heard a noise outside. I opened the door to find a raccoon in our rubbish inches from my face. Don’t know who got the biggest shock and didn’t mean to catch his tail in the door when I slammed it. Bigger than we expected and we were able to watch it at the bottom of the tree for a while. Quite a beautiful animal in its winter coat








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