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New York City. 9th Oct

October 27, 2019

New York City 9Th Oct.


Well the third task we had has fallen into place. We have sold the bakkie. At the time we were up in the Adirondacks admiring the fall colours when Amir first contacted us. I think he had sent enquiries before but I didn’t associate the different enquiries. He had a storage facility in Claremont in NH some three hours drive away from our position and suggested we make our way there.. But by the time we heard back from him our route had taken us west to Niagara Falls. (The city a bit of a dive but the Falls Park area a joy). Of course he wanted to see it but lived near Boston. I suggested meeting halfway somewhere but he had a brother living in Albany, the NY capital, some 500kms away and he would check it over. Took us a couple of days to get there but met up with Nabeel, Amir’s brother, on Saturday morning, the 5th Oct. He is a volunteer fireman.

We met at the station where he gave the bakkie a thorough inspection and needed to know all the workings of the vehicle and camper. Amir only wanted the camper that sat on the back chassis. But we decided, as it wasn’t an easy job lifting the camper off the chassis, it was best he has the whole vehicle for the same price. I think that will work out well. It gives him time to decide what he wants to do with it and to repair the few things that require work.

We didn’t realize that Amir wanted it there and then but it would take Joan a couple of days to wash the bedding and pack up our personal things. Apart from those things Amir wanted everything left as if we were heading off. So that’s what happened.


On the Monday, in pouring rain, we had our last pack up and duly delivered the old bakkie to Nabeel at the fire station. He kindly dropped us off at the Greyhound depot where we caught the bus to NYC for three days.


Back Home in Bellingen 27th Oct. 2019


It was so sad seeing the bakkie sitting there in the pouring rain outside the Latham Fire Station that Monday. It has brought the curtain down on such an important segment of our lives. Many years ago I said to Joan what about spending ten years travelling. I think I was meaning continually. Well I think that was a bit of a pipe dream with three kids to consider. But we’ve done the next best thing. Twelve years of off and on travelling in all continents. Most of it in the VW and bakkie. There have been bad times, memories, and many good times. Maybe we didn’t visit all the tourist spots on people’s lists, but we did experience many wonderful happenings, met interesting people and made our travel part of our lives. Not just a month away on holiday where you came back for people to ask you, ‘Did you have a good time?’ People don’t ask you that when you are at home and it is a silly question when you have just spent six months driving up Africa or finding your way across Asia. It is just part of your life.

We are very pleased Amir has bought the bakkie. It would have been sacrilege leaving it sitting in the car park at DFW airport. To be crushed when the authorities realize it’s a discard. He has been emailing me with ideas. So we know it’s in good hands.

We will head overseas again. But it will be different. No bakkie, and less driving. But home is having a stronger pull. It’s so nice waking up to the sounds of the birds’ dawn chorus. The whip bird’s whip and magpies yodelling. Pottering on the jobs around the place, then sitting on the back deck at dusk looking up the valley having a Sundowner. The simple things in life seem to be always the best.




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