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Westport and the North

May 9, 2018

Bodega Bay, Pacific Coast. 5th May 2018

Bodega Bay was once a Russian outpost when they owned what is now Alaska. A beautiful bay, the camp site is on an isthmus with the main village on the eastern side of the harbour. To the Russians it was a place to grow produce that couldn’t survive in the frozen north. A fog horn kept us awake last night, but with the Tsunami signs along the beach we thought it might have been a tsunami warning. But no, we found out this morning, fog moved in around midnight and stayed until daylight.

There was a ‘Kite & Castle’ day today with many a colourful kite but not that many castles apart from a group of men trying their best.

Westport, Pacific Coast. 8th May

Didn’t get far after leaving Bodega Bay. As well as very photogenic scenery of the rugged coastline we have experienced some of the most beautiful wild flower displays you could ever wish for. The coastline may be rocky but the land leading away from the cliffs are often meadows full of wild flowers as well as herds of Jerseys & Friesians. The villages are small, well kept and retain the atmosphere of yesteryear. The gullies as you head north house groves of redwoods. The road is windy but a good surface. It’s meandering country. How could we resist?

This campsite where we are the last two nights has a clear stream a few metres from the bakkie. There is a short walk to the beach, calm at present, and with cliffs leading off to the north. A good number and variety of birds. To be woken up by a nearby woodpecker attacking a tree trunk is almost as good as the kookaburras dawn chorus. There are even enough eucalypts along the road to add a bit of nostalgia.

Tomorrow we head into the big timber, some of the tallest trees on earth.


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