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Mexico City 26th May

May 28, 2017

Mexico City. 25.5.17

There is an international feria on in the city at the moment. It is an annual event that has been running for some years. The aim of it is to break down barriers, to see what other countries have to offer in different ways as well as having a separate area for food stalls from the different countries. There would be over 70 countries represented and crowds come every day to visit the stalls and to dine out on a different meal every day. The food sampled so far has been delicious and the French cheeses a welcome break from that we have become used to further south.
Australia doesn’t have a food stall, not enough kangaroos around here to slaughter, but it does have an information tent bless its soul. I should say soulless really: a bored bloke showing how a plastic boomerang works while around him a few stuffed Koalas and plastic kangaroos. The back of the tent has a mural of Uluru where interested parties can don a hat, not even an akubra, and have their photo taken. Some of the other stalls are marvellous especially ones from the middle east like Palestine and Syria. The Spanish Sahara even has a showing even though it has been absorbed by Morocco.

MC is such a big city, one of the word’s biggest. But it is an interesting place, the central squares are massive, the sooted cathedral loses its drabness when darkness falls and the lights show it in a more friendlier light.

Our apartment is two blocks from the Centro Historico. One of the new buildings being built to regenerate the outer limits of the old centre. Coming in from the airport the other night in a taxi we were shocked when the driver pulled up in front of a derelict building in a poorly lit street and said that this was the correct address. It was 10.30 the street was all shuttered and graffiti covered most of the walls. No way was I going to get out until we checked. I had the owners phone number, the driver called him and found out he had given us the wrong street number. It was next door. The concierge let us in to a small but beautiful apartment with all the mods and cons, a bottle of wine and two waters to greet us along with chocolates and a sign on the wall saying “Welcome to Your Home Gary & Joan” It was nice.
John the owner is into to masked wrestling. There are some on the wall as well as paintings of some of the fighters. One of the two stadiums in MC is right next door to the apartment. I will see if there are bouts tomorrow night.

26th May.
This city is full of museums. It would take a good three months visiting one each day to see them al. Frida Kahlow is popular at the moment so a visit to her house yesterday was on the schedule. She suffered through her life after her terrible accident and in some of her work the suffering and anguish comes through. She was also good friends with Leon Trotsky who stayed in her house for a couple of years before shifting nearby where he was eventually executed with an ice axe by one of Stalin’s henchmen. They seem to be still doing that but with poisons these days.
The museum was much better than I expected showing much of her works. But it was her clothes that were so amazing. She wore corsets a lot mainly as a back brace. But the dresses were usually based on patterns from the women living in the Teuahacen area of the country. Very colourful and beautifully patterned
Today we visited Teotihuacan. The Aztec city some 50kms from MC. The Temple of the Sun is the third largest pyramid in the world. It rises majestically from the surrounding ruins. We were wise in asking our driver to go there first thing in the morning as most tours end there up at the hottest part of the day and climbing the 248 very steep steps to the top is not an easy task. Keral, the wife of the people we are shipping our van with, had to give first aid to two people who had fainted and gashed themselves on the rocky steps a couple of days earlier. They must have rushed the ascent. We took our time with a few breaks arriving at the top hardly breathing heavily. The view from the top was impressive especially looking northwards to the Temple of the Moon some 500 metres away. The Avenida of the Dead stretches north/south for almost 2 kilometres and on both sides are stepped walled areas that must have housed dwellings when the place was occupied.
Luke is getting worried. The ship with our van on docked at Miami but is now heading back to Haiti.
Tomorrow we take the bus to Vera Cruz where we wait until it arrives.

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