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New Orleans 25.4.16

April 26, 2016

One of the memorable scenes in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ has Atticus Finch sitting on his front stoop smoking his pipe greeting all the passersby at the same time passing on words of wisdom to his two children. Walking along the side streets of our neighbourhood we became as part of that movie and we were the passersby. African American or white everyone broke their conversations  to acknowledge us. The pavements distorted by  the tree roots, street names embedded in the pavement in ceramic ties, it was all kind of genteel and very southern.  Around our corner the Gentilly firebirds practise basketball in the fading light.  All African Americans with the odd Latino.

Bo moved out of his apartment for us to move in. A fitness freak by the look of the gym he has in the living room. This is like many of the places in this neighbourhood: long and narrow where the front lounge passes into the bedroom then on to the kitchen and out the back the ablutions area. But go down the street next to us, walk a hundred metres and the houses become massive mainly of weatherboard construction but replete with colonnades holding up the front. Set back from the street, ones affluence  sets one apart from the passing street scene.

A bar two blocks away sounded a good place to have a sundowner, being a stranger I don’t know if his f..king and cussing was part of the act or whether he didn’t appreciate strangers. Maybe a few visits will mellow his cursing a little.

It’s nice here. Last night in Dallas our overnight stay was at the Fairfield Inn. A hotel surrounded by other hotels within spitting distance of the airport. No shops, restaurants or places to have a bite to eat. Apart from Denny’s that is, a 2km walk but checking up on the web to see what they were offering the alternative sounded better: a delivered meal of spinach lasagne swimming in a pool of mozzarella cheese, toasted pizza like bread with a thick coating of mozza again and two salads one with fetta and the other a coating of parmesan. Not sure if the right decision was made.

Still,it’s good to be on thee move again and so much easier not having to fight with a different language.

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