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Swiss Wassi Camping. Zorritos, Northern Peru

November 12, 2015

Camping Swiss Wassi Zorritos. Near Tumbes, Northern Peru 2.11.15
Our choice of where to stay while watching the rugby final worked out very well. The Colan Beach Lodge was a laid back resort right on the not so blue waters of the Pacific. The sunsets were spectacular from our front verandah and the food would’ve been some of the best tasted on the trip. And, being off season, all at a very good price. It would have been nice spending an extra day or two but the necessity of finding a place to leave the bakkie was becoming an issue.
But not any more. I knew they allow long term parking at this small camp site they know the ropes on getting the correct paperwork sorted out etc. But being on the beach and with the prevailing winds and equatorial sun I was hesitant in leaving it out in the weather There is another place some 700kms north near Quito in Ecuador but we didn’t feel like rushing up there. But it has all worked out well. Melba and Jaques are building a new house here and have a large enclosed area under the house that can house our bakkie no problems. And at $50US a month, quite reasonable. Melba will come with us into Tumbes to get the paperwork done and the whole process shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days.
It means we suddenly have a couple of extra weeks up our sleeve, just enough time to get in a trip to the Galapagos islands. And that is what we are looking into at the moment. Guayaquil, the city where the planes leave from for the Galapagos is only some 300kms away and it also has well timed flights to Santiago for when we fly home.
6th Nov.
The last two days have been spent organizinng leaving the bakkie here. A bit involved but Melba has done it a few times and knows the ropes. We firstly had to write a letter giving our reasons for leaving the vehicle, then take that up to the local police station in Zorritos. Then off to the bank to pay the 7.6 soles fee ($2). Back to the police who organized a couple of patrol officers to accompany us back to the camp site where they had to confirm the bakkie was going to stay immobilized. Then one of them sat for 45 minutes trying to work out the wording for his report. Melba had already given him a copy of an earlier report, only the details of vehicle and us had to be changed. But no, he puzzled over the wording sometimes repeating what he had already written 6 or 7 times before figuring out what to write next. He was young but I feel his future promotions could be limited. Then back to the police station where we were told come back at 3pm. Jacques and Melba were in town so they went back, waited two ours only to be told to come back this morning. This morning went fairly smoothly. We fronted up at 9pm. By 9.30 we had the signed papers and heading off to the border some 60kms north. The lady behind the counter at the Aduana office was very helpful, smiled a lot and Melba was her usual bouncy positive self. Papers there stamped now all we have to do is wait for the confirmation by email early next week. Jacques drove and Melba was so helpful, it would have been very difficult without them. We took them out to a nice restaurant in Tumbes for lunch.
So here we are. Immobilized, or the car is, until we leave. Tuktuks pass the camp site and Zorritos is only 10kms away. The sea is beautiful and the sunsets stunnng. We have a pile of books and good internet connections. Could be a lot worse.
Some of you may have heard of the Mexican hairless dog, well there is also a Peruvian hairless dog. I think the Mexican one is small but the ones here are the size of a dalmatian. They have one here at the camp site. Gorgo by name. Very boisterous and quite strange to feel his skin. He is black, no eyebrows, has whiskers plus a few hairs growing on the top of his head. An old breed, they have found images of them in tombs dating back 3000 years.
Very noticeable as you head north in this country is the rubbish and litter that surrounds any city, town or anywhere where there is human habitation. Signs about not littering the road mean little and a series of rubbsh bins at different locations asking people to sort their rubbish is a joke. I think Ian Kiernan would even have hiw work cut out here. We stopped for morning tea one day in the cleanest area we could find. Even then there were flies in the van immediately after pulling up. Not just rubbish but any building materials dumped are dumped along the road. Bushes wear a canopy of plastic bags blown by the prevailing westerlies.

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