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Santiago, Chile. 27th May

May 28, 2014

History, to me, takes on another meaning when it happens in your lifetime. I still remember hearing about Salvador Allende’s death and the Piinochet takeover on Sept 11th 1973 while we were living in Alice Springs. The Allende period sounds a bit like the Whitlam era where they tried to do too much too quickly. To walk through an exhibition showing in graphic detail what the people went through in that period following Allende was very moving. They say 4,000 people were killed or ‘Disappeared’ during Pinochet’s time. 

Jetlag has slowed us down today. But the apartment we are renting through http://www.airbnb is right slap bang in the middle of the city. And at 20 stories up it has an amazing view of the millieu below. Why climb a hill to view what we can see even better from our front balcony?  The vege market is 200 metres away, the Mercado Central 300 metres and a short walk to the majority of the city’s attractions. Traffic is full on but the noise subdued by the height apart from when a fire engine takes off from the base of the apartment block.

It was a long flight but premium economy eased the pain somewhat. We thought all we would be getting was more leg room but the menu was better, we had thicker rugs over our athritic knees, and they offered an aperitif as well as an aftter dinner drink. What more could you ask for?



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